like the actress Portman (shutterflye) wrote in shoeboxmoments,
like the actress Portman

So, um, rather new here (read: I joined all of a minute ago haha) and I've already had a Shoebox moment. Though, to be fair, I brought it about myself. First, a little backstory. So, I have three very close friends, with whom I share everything. So we are all frightening HP nerds and therefore have decided that we are somewhat akin to the Marauders. I am Padfoot.

My younger brother is in the process of reading OotP, and has now decided that he does not look like HARRY Potter (which, by the way, he so totally DOES that he could be Daniel Radcliffe), but rather JAMES Potter.

Now, shortly after these decisions were made, it came to be his birthday.

So I jumped on him and asked him who my all-grown-up little cabbage was.

Far from responding correctly ("I am nobody's cabbage before ten in the morning"), he hit me in the face with a pillow so that I fell off his bed and promptly turned over and went back to sleep.

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