Platanito (niftygreenfish) wrote in shoeboxmoments,

First Shoebox moment, and it's a pretty good one.

    Our high school band had an orientation-type meeting tonight (yes, yes, it's late, I know; I don't like to talk about that), and after all the official speaking was done I was standing around with various of my friends.  One of them, who's coming back to band this year and is a bass player, was talking about which songs the jazz band should use as competition pieces. 
    His first choice was Benny Goodman's Sing, Sing, Sing, and at the mention of Benny Goodman my Shoebox senses were already tingling.  He then proceeded to go on for several minutes recreating the song. 
    Yep.  He doodle oo-ed a Benny Goodman song. 
    We're all sort of used to it, so nobody understood why I was laughing so hard.  ^__^

Edited to point out that my icon matches the layout!  =D
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