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Best. Teacher. Ever.

Last year, I had the ABSOLUTE JOY of having a teacher for AP US History (APUSH) that was shoebox!remus IN THE FLESH. It was absolutely insane. Although he never said anything that could be directly paralleled to shoebox, his tall, skinny, brown hair, pale, and glasses-ness immediately declared REMUS to me and another shoeboxer (the person who introduced me to it, coincidentally) who sat next to me. We basically spent all of the class sniggering at the things he said (his miserable puns are well known at my school) and wiggling our eyebrows at each other at anything he said that was non-history related. Note: he also exclusively wears these really beat up old brown leather shoes that just scream England school-boy and khakis and old dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows with ink all over his hands. No, seriously.
Unfortunately, the main difference between Mr. S and Remus are that Mr. S is straight and Remus is not. (This is confirmed by his engagement to some Californian.) He also, ironically, is a vegetarian.

He is so awesome he has his own facebook fangroup.

Also, he is a titan of American history knowledge. It's truly incredible.

I ♥ him.
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I wonder if you could direct me to the Facebook group in question? I want pictures! :)