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Hello, all! I'm new to this community but not new to shoebox... it's nice to meet you all! After my initial discovery of shoebox and devouring of it in practically one sitting (I say practically because I had to go to school/do homework, eat occasionally, and even sleep occasionally... at the time these necessities frustrated me XD) I simply let it lay contented for a while and got out of touch with livejournal. Rediscovering of livejournal led to beginning the re-reading of shoebox and ensuing fangirlism XD

I apologize to anyone who had absolutely no interest in that ramble of a personal back-story. ^_^;

At any rate, lately I've been considering how little I speak with my mother about my usual reading choices, particularly that of slightly more graphic slash pairings... and realized that I didn't like the way I was sort of hiding away my reading material from her. We usually chat about the things we read, and I didn't want to hide anything as though I thought it was wrong... I decided SBP was the best one to introduce her to because it is simply awesome-tastic in everyway and really eases into more graphic slashiness. I read the entire first chapter and half of the second on aloud to her (there were several giggles from her) and she picked up on the R/S dynamic in like the second letter, saying, "This isn't easing into it, they're just in major denial!" XDDDD! *loves her mom* She decided she'd had enough for squick-reasons. We discussed whether or not she felt squicky because of the awkward close friend/lover dynamic mainly or also because it was the two guys. She concluded that it was subconscious squickiness from how she was brought up.

"It probably wouldn't bother me if it wasn't so well done and I could laugh it off... it's really well written." It was so cool to talk with my mom about shoebox and also to have that conversation that brought more understanding for both of us on our different reading material. It was so awesome. :)

I hope that this isn't too involved for a SBP moment!

On one other note, I've made a SBP colour bar if anyone would like it. I think of making that as a moment! ^_^

Just some little rules (that I'm sure most are familiar with): comments are love, no hotlinking, and credit must not be removed. Please and thank you! ^_^

SBP is grammar crunching, note passing, McGoogles loving, maturing marauders, Puppy!Smut love.

In order to use, copy this code:
SBP Code

Enjoy! ^_^
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